Labor Day! WOOO-HOOO!

Finally, a three day weekend I can be proud of. Gonna be at the range on Saturday and the beach for the rest of the weekend. Hope everyone else has a great weekend, too. Stay safe and don't do anything I wouldn't do.

We still haven't bought a house yet. Swede and I are back to looking at homes. The market is slowing down some. This helps us a bit as the year winds down. More homebuyers become desparate during a slowdown and tend to jump at first offers. We are looking in new directions, too. For the longest time, we were scope-locked on one or two small niche neighborhoods our realtor put us on. Now, we are looking at four or five areas around Houston that show promise.

After the fiasco with the last home offer, our realtor has cooled down on us. I noticed a big change in her personality last week looking at a home. Gone is the friendly manner she used to have with us. Now, she is almost robotic in her demeanor. Very bad. I don't know why we haven't fired her yet and moved on, but I believe in people redeeming themselves to me so I keep going. Besides that, her assistant is a major MILF hottie. I have a sweet tooth for eye candy, dontcha know!

Swede is making some determined rumblings about her first gun purchase. She is oogling the Kimber TLE/RL. She doesn't know why, but she thinks it is the bee's knees. I just know that daddy gonna buy lots of guns with that first purchase. It is already made up in my mind what I plan on buying. His and Hers AK's. I like the side folder and will probably have a fixed stock variant with rails. A couple of those will be about half the cost of a Kimber. I've mentioned my next shottie purchase before...the Mossberg 500 Defender "Master Key" door buster. It's a cut down pistol grip 12 ga. with a hideous looking saw-toothed muzzle brake on it. Put a side saddle on it and replace the pistol grip with a collapsible CAR-15 stock and it will become the new home defender that even Swede can shoot. If I have enough money left over, I will pick up a S&W snubbie .38. All this is contingent on us getting into a house first. That is the rule, and I have to abide. I can buy a gun when I buy her first gun after we move. I have amended the rule so that I may buy multiple guns of equal or lesser value to her first gun. It is the only way we can save money for now. I've been socking away a grand a month into savings and debt control that could easily have been blown on guns and accoutrements. If I had been bitten by the gun bug a lot sooner, I wouldn't be in this predicament. Well, the ten year Brady Jubilation period was going on while I was in my twenties, so that killed that.

I do have good news! I found the Dirka Dirkastan patches. I managed to order about a dozen of the lil' buggers from Cryeprecision's website along with a couple of Major League Infidel t-shirts. I put one on the velcro of my range bag and haven't heard the end of it from the guys down at Top Gun. Now, everyone wants one. I did give one to Darth Lord and another to mini-Vin (one of the new guys who looks and talks like a shorter version of Vin Diesel...no lie!). Mini-Vin is going back to the Sandbox with Blackwater. He's a retired 20something from the Army SF community looking to see more action and earn some money. This will be his second deployment with Blackwater to the 'box. He leaves sometime this month.


none said...

I'm with you on the mossberg.

I bought myself a 590 persuader, basically a 500 with all plastic and scope rails. For $129 plus TT&L
from a sporting goods chain.

That thing is a beast. I found cheap 1.5oz slugs at walmart and commenced to shooting up some old
appliances on my dad's property.
Firing off 8 slugs in 3.5 seconds
is the most fun you can have with your pants on.

The kimbers are nice too. I'm not one for paying $900 for a .45 but the ones I've shot were smooth as silk.

About your realtor... Ask her who she works for...I'll give you a hint.. the first person is herself the second is her real estate office, third is the seller of the whatever home she hooks you up with and hmm I don't see the home buyer anywhere on this list.

Here in Texas realtors are usually required to tell the customer that they are not representing the buyers interests. Not sure how it works other places.

BobG said...

I've got a Mossberg 500; mine is wooden stock, since I also use it for grouse and pheasant hunting. With the short barrel I wouldn't want to hunt anything larger (no choking ability), plus it makes it handy if needed for home defense.

shooter said...

In Sweden, my wife tells me, homebuyers find what they want and bid on it in a bastardized form of an auction. Highest bidder wins. Housing is at a premium, so it can be pretty tough. Everything is disclosed up front and it is a case of caveat emptor. Of course, I have yet to see an apartment home or house with major crap problems. Two words: "They take pride in their work, and they do it themselves!!!!!" Here in Texas, we contract out to the lowest common demoninator and pray for rain. ugh!