Gotta Love This Man!!!

I am referring to Jim Pruett. He is the original Radio Gawd. This man is one of Houston's best and funniest morning drive time Jocks. Ever since his forced retirement and expulsion from the Halls of Rock by the ever-so-loveable liberal commie scum at Fear Channel, he has amassed a stockpile of firearms and anti-terror/self defense apparati and knowledge at his store in Northwest Houston.

I am proud to know this man in another of my lives. I worked for Rock 101 KLOL as an intern on the Stevens & Pruett Morning Show. That was probably the best summer of my entire life. I saw more pressed mams than the butchers at the Honeybaked Ham store during Easter rush. I learned a great deal from these guys. Proudly, I can say I was a part of radio history. I would post the pictures to prove it, but I am afraid the censors (my wife) would take away my blogging privileges for a whole long time!

I am going to proudly add his website to the "Shameless Plugs" links. I hope everyone gets a chance to visit his site. Even better, if you are in the northwest part of Houston, make an effort to visit the man's store. I purchased my first firearm from this man and will be purchasing many more before the Brady Bunch and Million Morons form a lynch mob and torch his place.

Jim is a very colorful character. I am glad that he came into my life. He and his partners, Mark Stephens and Eddie "the Boner" Sanchez took me under their wings and taught me the ins and outs of morning drive 'shock' radio. They never treated me as anything less than an equal. I endured a fair bit of torment under their tutelage. It was all for the better as I made my way through the radio industry.

Even better, I found out just how human these "shock jocks" really were. Family men, one and all. They put family and friends first. Never did I see the rampant sex and debauchery that many people feel pervade shock radio. We partied up and lived a very high life, yes, but we knew when to say when. I saw the very worst of people and I saw the very best of people. The absolute best was learning about the Stephens and Pruett Ranch for Children and Animals. No matter what anyone thinks about these people, the Ranch is their return to the community. When Mark and Jim finally left Rock 101, the Ranch was dealt a huge blow. Fortunately, the community came through and has helped them survive. One of the greatest things for gunnies like me is the fact that Jim has kept up the fundraising in a very fun way. Go to his gun page and see the latest raffle prize for the Ranch. Payday is coming up and Papa needs a brand new pair of shoes, preferably in a size 5.56 NATO.

For all you Houston bloggers, stop on by and drop a buck in the raffle bucket. Who knows, maybe you will run into me when I claim my prize.

And for all of you who remember the days of S&P on the air, yes, Loch Siebenhausen really is like that. Would you believe I taught Loch how to shoot his first firearm? No lie. At the Top Gun Range during a pistol tournament fundraiser for the Ranch. Borrowed my dad's 92F and a friendly LEO's 686 S&W. He was the model pupil and was putting steel on target with no misses.

A LITTLE INSIDER RADIO INFORMATION: Ever since the liberal commie scum at All Channel decided to turn KLOL into an abomination of Tejano crap, Rock Radio in Houston has not been the same. Cheep excuses of money, ratings and lack of presence in the community contributed to the switch. THANKFULLY, a radio group in town heard the cry and took up the fight to bring Rock n' Roll back to Houston. Most of the crew, support and jocks (once their no-compete clauses run out) are making their way to Cumulus Broadcasting's very own 97.5 KIOL.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE: Veritable babe and promotions/marketing HOTTIE Trish 'the Dish' whispered sweet nuthings in my ear when I ran into her at a Queer Channel Bashing Party. Rock 97.5 is MOVING TO ANOTHER FREQUENCY!!! Don't worry!!! The Rock is moving up the dial and a talk format is coming to the 97.5 spot. Jim Pruett is popping 'the Boner' out of retirement and radio purgatory. That is the rumor, anyway. Keep your ears out and eyes peeled. Strange things are a brewin' and I have a front row seat. As I find out more, I will let you guys know.

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Flatonia Observer said...

I just read your post from 2005 regarding Jim Pruett called "Gotta Love This Man." It brought back some good memories. I was the treasurer for the S & P Foundation at the time of the shooting tournament. The revolver Locke was shooting that day (the S&W 686) belonged to my husband Richard ("Officer Bob" to S & P fans). I remember that Locke sent the first bullet he fired into the ceiling tiles. Man, that was funny! Thanks for posting.