I pray it is not like father, like son

I am bored. Stuck at work on a beautiful Saturday. I should be out doing something. My options are limited. I cannot ride my bike, so training with the bank's cycling team for the MS150 next weekend is out. My wife is off playing tennis with her league, and she has a clinic later this afternoon. Guess it is another trip to the "candy store" for me. I need some more food for the 'beast'.

Not much there on the gun front to pick at. I am just waiting for the gun-grabbers to snatch up on this wonderful gentleman for his work at improving parent/teacher relations. Oh, wait, there was no "AK-style assault weapon" used, only reports of having one in the truck. As if having a .45 is not enough to cause serious harm to any human being. Last I recall, a .45 slug will do some serious carnage to the victim and anyone else in the bullet's path (provided conditions are right).

Is it me, or do these people only latch on to anything having to do with "assault weapon?" It is like they are 2 year-olds who learned how to say "No!" over and over and over again. Their logic is fuzzy and ENRON at best. Make noise about one particular thing and hope that no one notices your shortcomings elsewhere.

Actually, I think I stumbled on an idea. Family Man. The press is portraying this guy more and more as a loving father devoted to his family. Why? What does that have to do with anything? Does he not have a history of ofttimes violent confrontations with coaches and administrators? Did he not 'allegedly' assault one kid for reportedly teasing his son? This was high school for crying out loud! Doesn't he remember the glory days? Oh, wait a minute here, we are talking about a short fused bully. He probably sat at the top of the high school food chain as a student. Pummeling his way to power got him the respect he feels is due his son. Got news for you, high school popularity is not hereditary.

I can recall my teen years with great clarity. Everyday was a challenge. I had to prove myself to everyone I came in contact with. It is all about competition and who is going to be the best. On and off the field, in the halls and classroom, nothing changes. I was tested time and again. To rehash an old cliche, "sometimes I was the windshield, and sometimes I was the bug." Sophomore year alone, I got into some hellacious fights with other students. A lot of us grew up together and went to the same schools. If you have problems or issues with one student, chances are you would still have problems with him down the road.

This dad needs to let it go. Let his son live the life he deserves. I can only remember one time my father came to my aid and went after the administrators in high school. It was such a minor issue, but he went all the way for me. Every other time, I had to accept responsibility and do what needed doing. Dad was a spectator, nothing more. He watched me grow from a boy to a man and I know he enjoyed being there for it. Not everyone can be the same. For some, it is too much to just sit back and let things happen as they may.

Whatever the challenges and pressures our children face, it is way over the top to cause problems for them by attacking the school that educates him. The repercussions are huge for the son. He now has to face his classmates and teachers with the realization that his dad went too far. How are they going to look at him now? What sort of treatment will he get? Is the burden heavier? For his sake, I hope that the burden is lifted. I hope that everyone rallies around this young man. Tell him that his life is now in his hands. Don't be burdened by your father anymore.

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