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More guns not the answer
The Virginian-Pilot © April 6, 2005
Imagine an America where every law-abiding citizen — say, age 21 and up — is armed regularly with a gun: no need to conceal it, no need to store it when entering a restaurant or bar, no need to lock it up.

I'm down with that. Actually, that is the way our America should be.

Gun rights advocates favor such an America, and they’ve got gun control activists on their heels. A report this week in The New York Times notes that many officials, including state legislators and prosecutors, are trying to expand or establish laws allowing concealed handguns. Since 2003, The Times reports, five states have approved laws allowing people to carry concealed weapons. And in the wake of the fatal school shootings on an Indian reservation in Minnesota last month, a top official with the National Rifle Association suggested arming teachers in the classroom.

Not a bad idea, however, there are some kinks in that plan to be worked out.

Be careful, very careful, what you wish for.
More people packing firearms would no doubt scare off would-be killers, robbers and muggers. Citing national surveys and polls, author and researcher John R. Lott Jr. says that guns are used defensively about 2 million times a year.
But the laws of unintended consequences could make individuals who are normally law-abiding somewhat lawless themselves.

Explain that to me, if you would, Skippy? I would like to know just how a Law Abiding Individual would stoop to such lawlessness. Have you ever strapped on a gun? Do you know the awesome responsibility that carrying a gun entails? I just bet you were one of those momma's boys at summer camp who was afraid of the noise a .22lr made.

Consider, for instance, these scenarios:
n Another motorist cuts you off while traveling along Interstate 64 near the tunnel. Instead of yelling at the jerk, you impulsively reach for the revolver that’s on your hip or underneath the driver’s seat.

Hmmm, nope, ain't gonna happen here. Dipstick cut me off (it was probably you anyway) and drives on. What are the chances I will ever see this putz again? Besides, a tap on the brakes and toot of the horn will suffice for most of us. Did you ever stop to think.....oh, wait, I am getting ahead of you, aren't I? There are laws in place that prevent CHL licensees from using our weapons out of anger. Remember this, a gun is only to be used as last resort.

n A teacher decides her school is too dangerous. She brings a handgun to class regularly, and while trying to break up a fight, a student punches her, grabs the weapon, and begins firing.

Something tells me that this will never happen. There are too many dainty, liberal school marms who will faint at the mere mention of having to carry a weapon to class. "It makes too much noise." "I broke a nail trying to cock the hammer." Liberal pansies want us to 'believe' our children are safe in school. They don't want us to really know they are safe.

n You go with friends to the local bar to down a few beers. Things get a little rowdy with another group of guys. Words, leading to slurs, leading to curses, are exchanged. Figuring at least one of the guys in the other group is armed, do you pull out your .22-caliber automatic, figuring it’s better to shoot first, explain to police later?

First of all, some Nimrod the Magnificent brings a .22 to a bar with his buddies? Please, spare me! What macho, beer quaffing stud-muffin wants to be caught dead with a girlie gun? Give this guy a bit of credit, will ya? He's most likely carrying the latest and greatest Kimber Pro Carry II 1911 in .45 Auto. He's got all the gadgets and doowikedies on it. Beveled frame, ambi-safety and mag release, Wilson Combat Mags, and Trijicon night sights.

In all likelihood, I am sure that bars in your fantasyland will have rules and regs regarding carrying in bars. I can remember going to a bar in Tyler, Tx many moons ago where they patted you down as you paid your cover. Instead of a coat check girl, there was a gun check girl. If the cop at the door thought you were sober enough to drive, you got your piece back at the end of the night. If not, well, come back tomorrow when the headache was gone.

While fear of crime is not unfounded, it shouldn’t be irrational. For example, many crime victims know their attackers. Many Americans go throughout life without being violently accosted. In the heat of a nasty argument, words could hurt our pride, but a gun could hurt our chances at survival.

Verbal threats are not justification for use of any type of force. That was a question on my CHL exam, Junior. Besides, how can a gun, in the hands of a well trained individual, hurt our chances of survival? What kind of fuzzy Enron logic are you using? Are there pills for that kind of stupidity, or do you have to work at it?

What of the innocent bystanders who could be struck by errant bullets?

They should have the good sense God gave them to move out of the way.

And has public confidence in police dropped so much that we no longer count on them to keep our communities safe?

Why should I rely on someone to respond to my distress in an average of three minutes when the blunt force traume that is killing me only takes less than 30 seconds? I know and have plenty of respect for several police officers in my community. That doesn't mean that I will trust my life, or that of my wife and family, to their 'timely?' response.

That’s not the case. Federal authorities say Americans already have an estimated 230 million to 250 million handguns, machine guns

They are select fire weapons, you dolt! Besides, only people who pay a special tax, pass a background check, and have their lives analyzed by the JackBootThugs at the Bureau of F*** Ups can own such 'machine guns')

and long guns. That’s a lot of weaponry.

We don’t need to make every sidewalk, store and school an armed camp.

Maybe we should.

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