Welcome to my world!

Won't you come on in?

It is gonna be a while before you see some meaningful? posts. Once I get the kinks worked out, I will gladly bore you with all the little details in my life.

For now, I will just give you the basic rundown. I plan on posting as often as possible. Don't stay glued to this site if you expect up-to-the-minute coverage...it don't work that way. Hell, I may get bored with this next week and drop it all together.

I do have some views and opinions that skew towards the libertarian side of the fence. I am definitely RKBA, pro-gun, 2nd Amendment and all that. You should see some good commentary regarding my life in the "gun-culture." You will also get a glimpse of my other interests, too.

I look forward to your commentary as well. Feel free to post your comments and link to me at your leisure.

Back later with more.

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