Heroes of the Week!

I was kinda surprised to read these two different stories out of this liberal rag from Houston. The first pays tribute to a true hero and selfless person. He bravely confronted an attacker in a friend and co-worker's home. Sadly, the bastard who broke in didn't miss. We are truly poorer for the loss of this man. Semper Fi, Bully. Carry On!

My other hero for the week is Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Tx). She is taking on the draconian gun laws that prevent honest, law-abiding citizens from protecting themselves. I like the money quote here: The handgun ban has had "no impact on violent crime in the district," Cornyn said.

I feel a letter writing campaign coming on. What say you? All ya'll from Texas contact Senator Kay and Senator Cornyn, and the rest of you contact your duly appointed representatives and pester the beejeebers outta them. Let's return the right to keep and bear arms to the good citizens of D.C.

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