PHEW! What Stinks!

I just love reading the Letters to the Editor in my local LibRag. From time to time there are some real gems to chew on. It makes you wonder if these people just like the sound of their own voices, or if Judge Judy is a rerun and the TV remote is broken. I am convinced that this yahoo below is of the "likes to hear his own voice" school of thought.

Pardon me while I pick this apart.

Go here to read, just scroll down until you smell the Bull Sh*&

Try gun control here

I WAS aghast that Sens. Kay Bailey Hutchinson and John Cornyn, along with others, would attempt to dismantle the District of Columbia's handgun ban [see May 20 article "Hutchison, Cornyn zero in on D.C. handgun ban"].
Admittedly the ban has mostly symbolic importance. Residents of D.C. can make a short drive to Virginia at any time, where they can (and do) purchase any firearm they choose.

I just happen to agree with that. It does have only symbolic importance for the politicos in D.C. It makes them feel better about what they think is strict crime reduction.

The senators don't make the obvious case, however: to regulate handgun sales in Virginia.

Why should they? If I am not mistaken, Virginia's crime rate statewide is lower than D.C.'s. Besides, the Right To Keep And Bear Arms shall not be infringed. It's something called the Second Amendment.

Instead, they trot out the old self-defense chestnut. For emotional appeal, you can't beat it, but as public policy, it's a disaster.

Explain to me why this is a disaster? Isn't Life one of our inalienable rights along with Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness? In order to be happy, I have to protect my life. I also live in the greatest democracy in the free world. I kinda like my liberty. Self-defense is a natural instinct. When you see an obstruction in the road, you hit the brakes on your car, do you not? When someone is beating the snot out of you, you fight back, right? Take a good long look at some of the places in America where guns are banned. You will notice that places like Chicago and L.A. suffer some of the highest crime around. Let's not forget about our nation's capital. People are victims of violent crime on an almost daily basis. Why? Because they don't have the means to defend themselves properly. As a public policy, this is great because people will be empowered to act for themselves without relying on the State to protect them. What good is a rape whistle and a cell phone gonna do when the attacker is five feet from you and the cops are over 5 minutes away? Better have your will made out.

Every other industrialized nation has much stricter gun control laws than we do. Even much lower murder rates.

I call your bullshit and raise you a dose of reality. Have you seen England lately? Old women are fighting off burglars with garden gnomes. Roving gangs of teenage hooligans are running around unchecked by the local constabulary. And HOW DARE YOU DEFEND YOURSELF in jolly ole England?! You are required by law to stand there and take it. If you raise a hand to defend yourself, you can be arrested and charged with a crime. Don't forget South Africa and Australia, they are too afraid that guns might lead to more crime. In fact, guns don't lead to crime, but people with malice in their hearts do.

Gun control works everywhere in the world, and it would work here, if tried.

If tried, you would have the Second Civil War on your hands. Remember what happened in Germany in the mid-1930s? A young man with a toothbrush mustache deemed it necessary to register every single gun in private ownership. Do you recall which guns were confiscated? That's right, the Jews lost their right to protect and defend themselves and took a ride to some special "showers."

Gun control also worked in the USSR during the cold war. In fact, it worked so well, the citizens of the Communits Bloc were unable to rise up and overthrow the government that persecuted them with secret police and work camps in the cold depths of Siberia.

If 'gun-control' legislation were enacted in These United States, your government would have a stranglehold on the nation. No longer would we be able to pursue our active interests. If the government so decided, they could round up any individual they wanted based upon gun records. Take a good long HARD look at what recently happened in Denver, CO. The city government, against state law, confiscated and destroyed scores of Pit Bulls. How did they know where to look? Easy, they went to the city records of every dog owner and pulled the ones that said "Pit Bull." Also, because of the fear and hatred of these animals, the city fostered an environment of suspicion and anger that forced innocent civilians to squeal on their neighbors who owned Pit Bulls. (Personal Note: I don't much care for Pits because of their penchant for violence. I do care that these owners were railroaded and their rights were infringed.) Substitute Pit Bull with Gun in the laws and see how this would play out.

Even Texans favor stricter control of handguns and assault weapons by solid majorities.

I reject your perception of reality and replace it with my own. Show me this "solid majority" of Texans who favor strict control of handguns and those "evil black assault weapons." I believe that there are more people who support the Right to Keep and Bear Arms in the Great State of Texas. Just look at the current backlog of CHL applications. It normally takes up to 60 days to complete an application, but now has been stretched to over 80 days. I don''t see an outpouring of support for gun control measures in public. In fact, I don't see any increase in public businesses restricting CHL people from carrying. I haven't heard boo about this public outcry for gun control in Texas. The last time someone came to take our guns away, a couple of hundred Proud Texans rose up to whip his ass back across the Rio Grande.

Our senators do not represent the people of their state — instead, they represent the interests of their campaign contributors.

That's right. They do represent those contributors who believe in the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Cornyn and Hutchison have the right idea. They believe that all people have the right to defend themselves. We should not have the government give us permission to arm ourselves in defense of those who would do us harm.

Remember your Texas History, Mr. Symes? Remember what the flag said that flew over the battle of Gonzalez? The Texans dared the Mexican Army to try and take their only cannon. Take those words to heart if you decide to come after my guns: "Come and take it!"

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