It ain't that bad (follow up)

I just had to follow up with a range report regarding my last post. I can honestly say my aim still sucks, but it sucks a lot less today. I went back to the range for a little practice. Forcing out all the distractions and focusing on one problem at a time helped me correct some fundamental errors that I was making.

I can say with confidence that I am now more comfortable with my grip and eye dominance problems. Hopefully, with some more practice, I will gain more strength in my right eye and increase my accuracy. We shall see how this plays out on Tuesday. We are going to be working on our shotgun skills and following up with our pistols. I hope to impress the rest of the group with my improvements.

On another note, I did find my next gun purchase. It is a Stainless Upper XD-40 4". This thing is sweet. It is the ideal carry for me, just the right size. It has a match barrel, stainless upper, and stiffer after-market recoil spring. The only downside is the two 10-rd. mags that come with. I guess that means I will be dropping another C-note to get some high cap mags. IF, and only IF, Mrs. Shooter let's me have it....or finds out about it. And no, I am not gonna share the price, or where I found it...lest you vultures snap it up before I do.

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