Been A While!

Sorry for the scarce posts. I have been busting my ass at work and have started a new job. For the duration, I will be working at the Range part-time. I figured I would do that to earn a bit more income and help pay down some of the small debt I have remaining.

I just returned from a week's vacation, too. I spent all last week in Chamberlain, SD. Lemme tell ya, that is THE garden spot of America. Chamberlain is a one stoplight town right on the Missouri River. It also happens to be in the heart of pheasant country. Dad and I were able to get away with his hunting group for a week of fun and frolic amongst the corn rows and feed lots in South Dakota.

The weather and the birds were in a very cooperative mood. On day one alone, we knocked down over 110 birds in our group of twenty shooters. Call it a severe case of pheasant fever, I consider it to be a massive hard on for killing birds. Each one of the nineteen shooters in our group is an excellent wing shooter, and we all missed no opportunities when the cocks flew up in our faces.

By far, this was the best hunting I have ever done. Wake up around 9 a.m., stroll down the street to get some breakfast. Somewhere around 11 a.m. the guide would show up and take us out to the farm we would hunt that day. Birds were everywhere, and getting our limit was not taht hard. We'd hunt a CRP field one minute and work a milo or corn field the next. After a couple of hours stomping corn stalks, we would break for lunch. Our guide's wife would fix us up some wonderful sandwiches or other delicacy with all the trimmings and desserts. After lazing around for another half hour belching, farting, and smoking fine cigars, we would hit one more field before limiting out and returning to the hotel for some R&R.

R&R consisted of a trip to the hospitality suite where there was a fine selection of cigars, scotch and beer to be had. I could laz around in the la-z-boy watching my Astros get trounced by the Black Sox while sippin' some gentleman Jack. Since I blew out the knee, a little therapy was in order. We had a pool and hot tub at the hotel that everyone jumped in after the hunt. Being that the average age of our group was on Medicare and collecting Social Security, the hot tub got some use.

I look forward to more trips to South Dakota. The scenery was pristine and hunting was fabulous. I really don't think there is a bad day to be had if you are hunting or doing something you enjoy.

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