We've Got Some New People Here Today!

We've got some new people added to the miniscule blogroll at Parallax Adjustment. I would like to welcome Survivalblog.com and James Wesley, Rawles. As some of you know, James is the author of "Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse." His book and website are great sources of information on survival and preparing for the worst case scenario (TEOTWAWKI -- The End Of The World As We Know It). FYI-The book is currently out of print because the publisher went out of business. There are several available online at Amazon and other book dealers, but the price may be higher than normal.

I have also included Brian Hoffner's website to the Shameless Plugs section. There you can find information on his line of leather and kydex holsters. You can also look to see what sort of training he offers, too. I don't know what kept me from putting his link on the board for so long. I guess I suffered from a mental block that prevented me from taking instruction from more than one Tactical Trainer. It has become clearer now that the more information you have regarding self-defense, the better you will be able to defend yourself and others. As I am able to attend more training, I will provide the information and links when applicable.

It should also be pointed out that I have placed Head's Bunker Blog in my blog roll. I have been reading his stuff for quite some time. His AK build projects have inspired me to jump into the AK lifestyle, and I will be chronicling my journey into the realm of the venerable Kalishnikov rifle and all its nuances. Head also has an incredible list of blogs to peruse. Aside from that, being a fellow Houstonian doesn't hurt. Texican's of the blog world UNITE!

I plan on updating my blog with new additions in the coming weeks. For now, take a moment to link on these guys and pay a visit. Be sure to tell them Shooter sent ya.


Unknown said...

Welcome to the Tattler's blogroll. Where do you shoot in Houston? You ever get up to the DFW area?

shooter said...

Man, I was beginning to think all my readers had left. I appreciate the tag to your blogroll, I will update mine in kind. Welcome to my private show.

Most often, I shoot at Top Gun Range in the Galleria area (see "My Range of Choice" on the shameless plugs). Also get up to Carters on Treaschwig in Humble for the long guns. Gotta buddy of mine who lives around the corner from the Cowboys training camp, and get up there every now and again, but, no, haven't shot there.

Unknown said...

Thanks, man.

I know the Galleria area pretty well. I'll pop in next time I'm in town.

Be very aware of those indoor ranges - a bunch of us are recovering from lead poisoning from shooting regularly at an indoor range up here. We don't go there anymore...

If you're up this way, come shoot some IDPA with us (www.dallasidpa.com). We also shoot a bunch of USPSA.