Christmas Came Early

***UPDATE 04/07/06***
This post will stay at the top until the end of April. Please feel free to visit Peter Atwood's webpage to see these incredible products for yourself!!

I received an email from Peter this AM regarding this post. I must apologize for the misinformation, but Peter's products are not aluminum, but steel. I am not a metallurgist, nor do I play one on t.v. I will let Peter tell you in his own words about the products:

Hi Shooter,
First of all, let me give you a huge thank you for posting your review.
I really appreciate the kind words and I noticed that several people
came and looked at my site after being referred from yours. Don't know
if they ended up buying anything or not but thank you. That's the kind
of thing that really helps out little guys like me.
Just wanted to clarify a couple of things in your write up though. You
stated that the Prybabies and other tools are made of aluminum. They are
actually made of CPMS30v stainless steel and the Bug Out BLade is made
of CPM3V tool steel (the bad ass of the semi stainless cutlery steels!).
I also make some Prybabies in titanium although I'm not sure that any of
the ones you got were. Ti is a lot lighter and you would notice it
immediately, plus most of the ti ones are colored.
Also, the whistles are CNC turned from solid bars of 303 stainless steel
and are in satin finish, no coating at all.
That's all, no big deal but thought I should drop you a line and let you
Thanks again and enjoy your toys! :)

I've noticed that Tam from View From the Porch linked to this post, and several of her regulars have visited Atwood Knives. I also had a lot of guys from the Tac Tuesday class drool over the new toys. Pretty soon, I will probably see Prybabies and Goblins floating around the range.

Finally got my goodie box from Atwood Knives. All in all, I am very impressed with the delivery. I must say that Peter was very helpful in expediting delivery and adding a couple of bonus goodies in the box for me.

I guess it is safe to say I am a self-avowed "gadget guy." If it has moving parts, lots of buttons, sharp edges or goes bang, I want two of each kind. That is pretty much what I did with Atwood.

I picked up several items, and I will share each with you. Blogger is being picky with pic posting, so you'll have to refer to the link above for actual photos.

  • Prybaby, Prybaby XL, Area 51 Prybaby -- in their basic form, an overglorified bottle opener. I think they are more than that, and haven't even begun to find other uses for them. All his items are made from high strength steel and hand finished. Extremely strong and versatile. I carry one in my pocket, another on my key ring (more on that in a bit), and another is tucked away in my gun bag. I have used my XL to open a couple of beers, some Mexican Coca-Cola, open a couple of cardboard boxes, and clean out my fingernails. They also make a handy screwdriver, too.
  • Key Lanyard -- It actually doubles as a sheath. Very nifty. This is where I keep the Area 51 Prybaby (done up in a very nice Strider Tiger Stripe, I might add) tucked away. It easily slips on to any belt, or can be hand carried. The pocked can hold an assortment of different items without problems. It can also double as an improvised blackjack for self defense when carrying my Prybaby in it. This was a freebie thrown into my order by Atwood, and I must say a very nice touch. I could go on for pages about his attention to detail and fine customer service, but will just say I am a customer for life.
  • Bug Out Bar -- I actually have two, the regular and the mini-me version. It is a prybar tool with a cord wrapped handle. One end is the typical pry tool and the other is a pointed tip that can be used as a large flathead screwdriver or even as a glass punch. It is an ideal rescue tool to have on hand. I keep the big one in my hunting kit. I'm gonna have to find a sheath, or some way to carry it where it can be kept handy though. The mini version is just like its big brother, only half the size. That one stays in my range bag.
  • Bug Out Blade -- Probably the coolest blade I have seen so far. It is a cord wrapped Baby Bug Out Bar with one side as a cutting blade. Very nifty, indeed! This one has a hand molded kydex sheath with an adjustable clip. It is also sized just right for neck carry if need be.
  • Tanto Goblin -- Just an itty-bitty, teenie-weenie neck knife with a cord wrapped handle and kydex sheath. I replaced the bead chain with some paracord for a more comfortable wear.
  • Whistle -- This is the grand poobah winner right here! Cut from a piece of steel and satin finished. Atwood Knives' website boasts that this whistle can get up to 90db or maybe higher. Pretty impressive. I put it on my key ring and now get teased about my rape whistle. Next one to crack wise will have an earful!

I have yet to really pick apart these neat new gadgets. When I do, I will report back. Probably the next true test will be down at the lease. We shall see.

Special thanks are in order for Peter Atwood. He makes an incredible product, and I highly recommend you visit his site and see what he has to offer. I found him to be very approachable through email contact. He provided fast and friendly service. I will be checking back to his online store with regularity, just to see what he has created. I have also obtained his permission and will be linking him on this blog.

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AlanDP said...

That Goblin is pretty cool, but the one that really makes my heart race is the Skeeter in Damascus steel. Wow.