PS2 Playtime

Just picked up two new games yesterday. "Battlefield 2" and "SOCOM 3" are my latest additions to the wife's PS2. Yes, it is hers. I still don't understand why she bought it, but she did, and I love her for it.

Anyway, just had enough time to play a couple of levels on each game to get the hang of it, and am very glad I got them. Battlefield 2 is a bit too fast for my taste, though. Kinda cool how it is more of an arcade style game vs. the squad based shooter that is the SOCOM franchise. Once I get the hang of Battlefield, I know I will pick up more on the game's nuances, but for now, I will let it leave me sticky broken and confused.

SOCOM is another game all together. I love the franchise and have the other two in the series. The one thing I hate is the command menue for the other squads. Since I don't play online with others, I don't have the mic to use for voice commands. Not that that bothers me too much, but they could have left that alone. The really cool thing now is the use of spec ops vehicles. I completed one level on foot before realizing, "Hey, Dumba$$! You have two perfectly good vehicles with MaDeuce on top, and can take over other enemy trucks at will." Now I have the 'Route 66' music running through my head whenever I think about the game.

I can't make strong enough recommendations about them both, yet. Given some more trigger time, I will say that they are worth the scratch plunked down. Next game...probably something Madden-esque or a Major League Baseball hit fest.

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