Got a missive from the folks on high a couple of weeks ago. Read that as the HR department at the bank ordered us to curtail our internet usage. Can't say as I blame them. Most of my best surfing is, strike that, WAS done on company time. They, of course, have every right to limit what I do on their dime. It also shows a complete waste of my time management skills when I am here jerking around and living in the land of make-believe.

Unfortunately, rumor control has it that one of my associates was released for just this reason. Hence the missive from the Temple Mount.

I am pretty sure that weekend posting will continue. For the most part, I work few and distant Saturdays for this to really cause a problem. At least I think so.

I've been a good boy lately. I keep my head down at work and get the job done. Since moving to my new location, I have stayed on top of my tasks and provided the best in customer service. I am seeing the first hints of job boredom creep in, but that is being curtailed by the bigger hint of a possible job promotion. Several people have remarked to me that they would like me in a higher position at this branch. I am hopeful, and also fearful. I don' want to jinx what I have worked so hard for. We'll see where this goes and I will update accordingly.

I'll be back at The Range tomorrow for a day of fun and frolic. Darth Lord hasn't had me behind the counter in some time. Swede has spent more time at the Range than I have. I am hoping for an interesting day tomorrow. It has been some time since I commented here on cusotmer shenanigans.

Since I am not cruising the net during normal working hours as much, I have started putting pen to paper. As I write this, I am 12 pages into a short story idea that entered my mind on vacation. While Swede and I were out on an evening walk through the Swedish countryside, I came to a spot in the road and thought to myself, "This would be an excellent spot for an ambush!" Giddy with excitement, I started to formulate the story in my head. I think it is coming together nicely, but until it is done and reviewed by several, I will not know how it really stands up to other literary work.

Vacation also put the videography bug back in my brain. I think I mentioned earlier that I picked up the new Pinnacle 10.5 editing software. Much to my chagrin, I didn't check the computer for compatibility. Typical male reaction, I just did it. Well, by all accounts, this is an excellent piece of software for a computer. All I am missing is a FireWire cable and a faster computer with all the requirements. That is soon gonna change.

Since my degree is in broadcasting, I felt it is high time to put that to good use. If anything, I just want to put together some really polished home movies. Now, since the bug bit me, this has led to a search for available print material on the subject starting with "Digital Video for Dummies" and a stack of digital video magazines and buyer's guides. Once I start spending money and reading magazines, I inevitably start drooling over the latest cameras and gadgets. I really wet my pants at my best friend's wedding last night. She hired a couple of friends who started a wedding video company and I fondled cameras and shotgun mics for several hours before the vows were exchanged. Fantastic! They were using a Canon XL-1 and one of Sony's newest semi-pro MiniDV cameras. All the bells and whistles I wanted and a few extras thrown in for good measure. Now, to make it all the more unobtainable, prices on these bad boys run in the couple o' thousands. The bling-bling won't make the wife sing-sing. Invariably she'll ask why I need a new camera when we already have one. Like the man said before he climbed that mountain, "Because it's there."

Too much to do and I am not immortal enough to enjoy it. Now that would be a trip! Living the life immortal. Okay, I'll shut up now.

Since I am shutting up, go visit The Law Dog Files and read some of his stuff. Absolutely brilliant! Just be sure to put your coffee down before you read. You will be spewing quite often. The man writes about his boyhood, job experiences, and rants on the occasional political hijinks that irk him. He's developed quite a following since starting his blog, and I see him gaining more popularity with each post.

Have a great weekend everybody.

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