Problems Abound

Now we get to the nut-cutting. Inspection reports came back yesterday. Overall, the house is in good shape. The owner did do her homework and put her heart into this project. She did overlook, or hired people who overlooked, some details.

Structurally, the house is sound as a pound. The foundation repairs are very strong and no real cause for worry. The front room of the house is the lowest, with about one and a half inches of drop. The master suite is showing only 5/8" of drop. We are getting the warranty transferred for the foundation, and plan on having the company take a look at the front room.

The bathrooms need immediate repair. Both the master shower and the hall shower are not doing what they were designed to do. When you try and turn on the hot water in the master, it dribbles out and then completely drys up. The hall bath has the flows reversed; hot to cold. The sink in the master also needs some touch up work.

Electrical issues abound. We need a new service panel for sure. The one in place now is a 100A box, and we need an upgrade to a 200A box. The 200A is necessary for a modern house running computers and the assorted electronics. Most all of the outlets are not grounded. That means a new re-wiring project in the near future. Probably need to put GFI outlets in all the rooms and in the garage. With my ham radio hobbyand the two computers we run in the house, new outlets should be a priority. If the seller doesn't agree to a new upgraded panel, she will have to bear the cost of the repairs to the already scorched panel in place.

On top of all that, we have gas appliances. The stove does not have a vent hood to the outside. It just recirculates to the inside. Last thing I want to do is snort a bunch of recirculated gas while cooking my quesadillas. The water heater needs a new pan under it, too. Fix the cracked bedroom window for good measure and I will happily sign the closing papers.

Now we go back with our realtor and list all these problems to be corrected. Whether or not she decides to do some or all of them will determine if we walk away from this house. I somehow get the impression that my realtor will backpedal on some of this, too. As dad put it, realtors get to be like legal mediators at this phase, they lie to everyone. I just have to stick to my guns and convince everyone involved that these repairs are necessary. This is a lovely home. Considering the dogs we have seen, this is the prettiest puppy, warts and all.

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