Slowly Dropping

Starting to see some results. Weighed in at 269.5 this AM. That is down from an ultimate high of 275. I feel better seeing my weight back in the 260 range. Now, I just have to keep this up and stay focused.

Swede has been cooking eggs for us in the morning. I sprinkle a bit of salt and pepper and some grated cheese for flavor. You can only eat so many eggs before they become bland and repetitive.

I am down to one soda a day. Only in the morning as my pick-me-up. Now, if I could only get that down to zero, I will be a happy camper. Goal for next week is to NOT get a soda in the morning. Might just have to knuckle down and drink coffee. I am also eating more fruit and healthy snacks. I bring two pieces of fruit to work each day, and have a stash of raw almonds in my desk drawer. I usually eat a dozen almonds for a small snack in the morning, one piece of fruit after lunch, and some more almonds near the end of the business day. I save the last piece of fruit for my commute home.

Dinner is usually just as light. Chicken and rice has been the staple this week. Don't really get too tired of that. I also exercise between thirty minutes to an hour. Mostly, that consists of sit-ups, push-ups and light free-weight exercise. My schedule doesn't permit me now to get on the bike and ride. Since the days are shortening up, I don't feel compelled to ride, either. Weekends hold the most hope for a long ride, but then it is a matter of getting my fat butt out of bed early in the AM.

My stress level is going to start climbing again. We just put another offer on a house...hopefully with no aluminum wiring and a nicer seller's agent! This house came on the market yesterday and we were able to see it last evening. If all goes well, my exercise schedule will be off, but I will be losing more weight due to hair pulling, teeth gnashing and nail biting. We'll see what this does to my weight loss plans.


hammer said...

Good deal. Sounds like you are making some headway.

Yeah that aluminum wiring is nasty stuff. Good thing you caught it.

for a change up on healthy food:

Try putting some chicken leg quarters in a baking dish with a a cup of BBQ sauce spread on the chicken and a couple cups of regular italian dressing enough to partially cover the meat.

Cover with foil and bake at 400 for an hour flip at 30 min and pour BBQ sauce on other side.

Remove the foil cover and bake uncovered at 400 until the skin gets a little brown and crispy.

Serve with steamed vegetables

Anonymous said...

Try the eggs scrambled and then top with some Franks Red Hot. Mmmmmm.... good stuff. :)