Surf's Up!

Can't say too many bad things about this weekend. Finally got to have some down time with my wife and a friend. Of course, now I can brag to all my buddies that I spent the weekend on the beach with two bikini clad hotties!

Swede and I spent the weekend in Galveston with a friend. Our friend's aunt has a condo right there on the seawall. We had warm ocean breezes and made our own cocktails with umbrellas (we left out the umbrellas). Regardless of the fact that I worked on Saturday at the range, I was pretty content to hang for a couple of days with the ladies. We did all the touristy stuff, lunch at the Waterwall on the Strand, and looking for shells on the beach. I wanted to go to Col. Bubbie's, but they were closed on Sunday. I also started my boycott of Miller and all its products. Never again shall a Milwaukee beer pass by these lips. Send money to a pro-illegal immigration rally and spin it as doing good for immigration reform is stupid. With all the red-blooded Americans drinking your swill, you'd think they would come up with something better to lie about. And to pass their spin-control tripe off in the Chicago Tribune of all places is just stupid.

Of the more memorable things we did, Swede, Bikini (had to think of something to call her), and I sat by the pool drinking Cuba Libres and spouting movie lines all day long. We also watched several hours of unrated comedies like Team America (F&*K YEAH!) and the AbFab series. We capped off our drunken binges with late night runs to Sonic to compete in speed eating contests. Swede won those hands down. Now the weekend is over and I start a new week at work. Thankfully, it is a short week, and hunting season is open, so I may get out and hit the dove flyways this weekend for a bit of sport.


Anonymous said...

My favorite things in Galveston are
the aviation museum with a real B17
B58, tons of fighters and a Navy Exhibit donated by GHW Bush.The train museum where they parked all the old pullman cars and engines from the 1920's onward is great too becuase they let you crawl all over and inside old trains.

and of course Col Bubbies.

The place even smells cool.

I can't even begin to tell you all the awesome stuff they have there.

Worth a trip back for sure.

AlanDP said...

Is it dove season already? I don't hunt much anymore, sometimes I lose track.

Such is my lack of skill with a shotgun that my dove hunting is primarily only to support the shotshell industry. It has little effect on the dove population.