Slicker than Owl Snot

Just plugged into the new cable modem today. Gotta say, "slicker than owl snot on a silver platter!"

Finally get to see some of the You Tube vids that people are posting and making a fuss over. Some make me laugh, others make me cry, and still others make me wonder, "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, over."

Blogging has been kinda goofy of late. I have been hitting the links regularly, but not much posting. Sorry. I am working on another little short that was inspired by my last trip down to the lease. Couple of weeks ago, we had a bit of a worry that we might get a visit from some illegals. Turned out to be harmless nothing, but not after a visit from Border Patrol. You should see it in a couple of days when I get finished writing and editing. Hopefully, it will turn out like the other short I posted a while ago.

As of now, blogging will be sketchy until further notice. I hope to make an attempt to post every couple of days or so. Right now, I am back in school for accounting, and am training up for my fourth MS150 ride to Austin. Gonna be a busy spring for me, and not gonna have much trigger time to report on. Hopefully, I will get some weekend time when I'm between home projects. I have to save a BUNCH of money to get some of the accessories for the G3, AR and LUSA A2...not to mention the Mossberg. Gotta find a way to save more money.

Anyone know where I can sell a kidney for good money?

Shooter out.

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AlanDP said...

I used to donate plasma regularly. It got me $180 per month. They're paying even more for it now, though. I bought all three of my C&R guns on plasma money.