H.R. 1096

God Bless Texas! On this day in 1836, a handful of steadfast Texans stared into the abyss. One power hungry Mexican general wanted nothing more than to bring this rabble to heel. He flexed his muscle hard. Several thousand Mexican troops surrounded the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas. The red flag of no quarter was raised. The proud Texans answered with a cannon shot. Those brave men fought and died to a man so that Texas may be free from the oppressive Mexican government. They wanted nothing more than to be left alone...free.

I'm proud to say that Ron Paul (R-Tx) has introduced legislation aimed to secure our freedom as Americans. H.R. 1096 hopes to restore the rights and privileges of the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution. Surrounded on all sides by men and women bent on seeing him fail, Congressman Ron Paul has taken the fight from the steps of the Alamo, the shooting range, the home and the deer blind to the steps of Congress. He is living up to his promise to support and defend the Constitution of These United States of America. Here is a man who truly gets it. We have to help him win this fight.

The bill is in the Judiciary and also the Ways and Means Committee. Just like H.R. 1022, we need to let our elected representatives know how we truly feel about this bill. This bill needs to see the light of day on the House floor. When it is shot down, we need to pick it up, brush off the debris, and submit it again.

As I posted to Mr. Zumbo on Ted Nugent's forum last night, we have reached a "pivotal moment" here. Zumbo should not be a pariah, but he should be the catalyst that ignites the fire of true liberty in all of us. His words, we believed, were meant to divide a nation of riflemen. That article did nothing more that strengthen our united position as gun-owning Americans. We are the 'People' the Second Amendment talks about. We are the Militia, the troops overseas, the hunters, the fighters, we are the Homeland Defense. Here is our opportunity to stick it to everyone who wishes every piece of metal in any way connected with firearms gets melted into a heaping lump of slag. Democrats, liberals, hippies, Million Moms, Cindy Sheehan, the Brady Bunch, VPC, the MSM, Hollywood, Susan Sarandon and Sean Penn...and most definitely the United Nations.

My goodness, I prayed for this very thing right before going to bed last night. No lie. I asked the Good Lord for a way to win the fight against those who would oppose the Second Amendment. Here it is in print. Check the link out for yourselves and tell me I'm not lying about it.

If we, as a group, have the ability to blogswarm and ruin one man's career and everything he has worked for in the space of just a couple of days, imagine what we could do to a government that is supposed to do OUR bidding? Isn't it true that those people sitting high on their thrones of power in the halls of congress are elected BY THE PEOPLE, OF THE PEOPLE, AND FOR THE PEOPLE??? Right now, there is only one man doing his job along with a handful of others. Everyone else (I'm talking about the Democratic majority and the career politicians too ensconsed in the Beltway Boys Club to do anything) is too busy counting coup and taking stock of their kickbacks and pet pork belly projects to do a damn thing.

Here is our chance to make a difference. The government can capitulate if we throw our weight against it. They will fall to our demands. They will understand that another election is coming sooner than they think, and we are not afraid to vote them out on their ear. Get up and get active. Don't just say "I'm the NRA!" Be the NRA. The NRA is a machine much like our government today. They are a half step behind what is going on and will have to play catch up. While they are plodding along working their propaganda machine and making nice nice with everyone, we should be the hidden fifth column working our way into every facet of D.C. and beyond. We need to take this fight on a variety of fronts. Start with the halls of congress and the senate. Peel off and flank 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. While we're at it, let's go for the 'People's Republic Trifecta' - PRKalifornia, PRNew Jersey and PRIllinois. Tell every elected representative you know that you want to see this legislation pass...with no riders, no attachments, no 11th hour changes.

We cannot let the groundswell created by Jim Zumbo die. If this wave we're riding crashes against the wall of liberal ideals, we might as well turn our guns in. I for one will stand with Ron Paul. I will write him and all my elected representatives in Texas. Yes, even that sanctimonious cow, Sheila Jackson Lee. They need to know we support this bill. They need to know we will not go quietly into that good night.

If you hate Jim Zumbo that much, then tell everyone you know it is his fault. He started it by opening his big mouth and trying to pit hunter against shooter. Jim, the best gift you've given us over your career is the gift you gave us last weekend. You united us.

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