Glad Moment

Well, I received word from both Best and his wife today. Looks like things are copacetic. Of course, my email string with Best was true to 'guy code.' "Hey, wassup? You guys doin' okay? Holla back, Yo" "Dude, it's five on Friday. S'all good. Headin' over to the store for some brews. Gonna kick back and have a few. Say hi to the wife for me."

I always knew cooler heads would prevail. Matron emailed about 8p.m. her time/1p.m. ours. She thanked me for my kind words and wanted me to pass along a message to my wife. While it is going to be hard to put back the pieces that were broken, I am sure that we are better friends now than ever. I'm looking forward to the next time we can all get together.

Thanks to everyone who responded and commented. Your thoughts and words helped me get through this. It is a great relief to finally have some closure on a difficult situation.

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