Some People...

...will probably never grasp the concept.

I'm talking about people so wrapped up in their belief that the .gov is 'really here to protect us' and 'the police will save me if I'm ever in a similar situation as those poor souls in Virginia.'

I just have to say WTF?

I got into a discussion about gun control after one of our lending assistants cornered me and asked how much ammo I keep at home. She flipped when I told her several thousand rounds total.

I got to hear all the party lines about guns kill people, nobody but the police should have guns, pistols are only used for murder.

What really threw me was when she said anyone who shot another person in self defense should be locked up in jail forever. I shot back, "Well, remind me not to come to your aid if you're ever murdered."

Sometimes it just doesn't pay to try and argue with people.


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HollyB said...

My standard replies to gun grabbers when they say things like, "Why do you have/carry a gun?" is Why do you wear a seat belt? or have health insurance?
Or if they say something along the lines of "OH, I could never carry a gon/ I could never shoot anyone!" That's ok, I'll protect you, and your children, if I'm there. That tends to shut them up.
Molon Labe!