Leaving on a jet plane

I've been flying around the world in a variety of FlightSim planes. Ain't much to do when you are scope locked on Monster.com and other job boards for eight hours at a stretch. Been kinda fun. I try to keep the hops under four hours in length.

Right now, I have a 737 parked at the terminal in Buenos Aires ready to fly over to Christchurch, New Zealand. From there, I think I will tool around Australia, fly up the Pacific Rim, back over to the U.S. and do the G-I-UK gap in a Cessna. I'll hit the sights in Europe before pretending to be some Blackwater Air Ops guys sneaking into the Middle East in a DC-3.

It's fun. Kills some time. Guess I'm gonna have to send some postcards.


Anonymous said...

You could always pick up IL-2 1946 (the best damn WWII fighter sim ever) for about $30, or download X-Plane and design your own plane entirely.
Both are really quite fantastic, I would encourage you to try both.


none said...

I've always wanted to buy one of those sims but could never decide on which one was best.

shooter said...

Microsoft Flight Simulator is the best, hands down. The most realistic characteristics of any sim out there. They also have the Combat Flight Simulator with a bunch of WWII airframes. Nothing like tear assing all over Europe in a D model P-51.