Just Beachy!

How was your Labor Day?

Thought so.

Another fabooo weekend spent at Cat Alley. Can't argue with a recipe for success like that. Shrimp boil, beer, babes, shark teeth on the beach, and little hellions running around the beach bare-arsed nekkie like striped-ass apes. Such fun.

Cap'n Josh didn't have the 20' cat this weekend. Seems he loaned it out to a friend to run the Ruff Riders Regatta around South Padre. Never heard from them over the weekend, so we assume they weren't having a good race. Managed to have my keys hidden from me...twice. Bastiges! I tell ya, you f*&k one goat, and you're labeled a goat-f*&ker for life.

Catching up on my blog reading this AM I noticed that Texas Dove Season is in full swing. Which means my hunting and fishing license is now out of date. Gonna have to get that recitfied ASAP, but I haven't been on a dove shoot in eons, so I still have time. I have probably missed the opening day for the last ten years. Even though we THINK we are in prime dove country, our deer lease hasn't seen any quantifiable numbers of birds in a month of Sundays.

Job search is starting to look a lot better. Got in touch with a recruiter that specializes in banks. She's got a couple of smaller banks lined up to interview me later this week. That takes a load off my shoulders now that someone else is doing the lion's share of job hunting. I just wish she could put me somewhere in the meantime.

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