After 112 days of unemployment, I will be rejoining you lot of working stiffs. Starting at 9a.m. on Monday, the 22nd, I will begin my new career with a relatively young community bank in Houston. The bank is about two years old and has less than $1 billion in assets. They are statewide, but don't have the spread of Frost Bank, my former employer. I am looking forward to Monday. This is a great opportunity for me to advance into a management position and grow with a young company.

Sure, it's going to be hard, but I have a good feeling that this group of bankers will help me along and show me the ropes. It is still a surprise that I was even offered a branch manager position in the first place. I guess I sell myself short in that regards. Either that, or I was afraid of my own shadow and worried my work experience and being fired for cause would hamper my efforts to land another comparable job.

Once the dust cloud settles, I will fill you in on the gory details of my new j-o-b.

I had to take dad's truck up to Conroe for service yesterday. Walked into his office with a goofy grin on my face and he asks, "What's with the strange look? You constipated or something?"

To which I reply: "I've got gainful employment!"

He just laughed. He knows how much of a struggle it has been over the past months, and he's glad to see me smile again. Would've been better if I was able to join him in South Dakota in a couple of weeks, but that's the breaks.

Oh, before I forget, Jeff, I plan on sending you a picture for the 'People of the Gun' webpage

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HollyB said...

Conga Rats! That's terrific news, Shooter. There's always next year for S.Dak.