Shocked, I say! Shocked!

Foghorn Leghorn had such a flair for the dramatic.

Just got out of a second interview with a bank today. Thought I was going in there for a Personal Banker position. Turns out, they want me as a new Branch Manager.

Quite a turn of events, I say. I'm all wound up over this news. Gotta burn some of this excess energy off. Gonna walk a few laps around the neighborhood and get my bearings.

I met with the regional sales manager over the Houston Market at this bank. We chit-chatted for a while and discussed the bank's plans and my plans. You know, this and that. He dropped the bombshell midway through the conversation that they were considering me for the Branch Manager slot at a new branch that is being opened right by the house. I kid you not, this branch is a stone's throw from my front door. Not as close as one of the branches I used to work Saturdays at, but close enough.

If all goes well, I will miss the trip to South Dakota with dad. I've been excited about this trip for months, but even more excited about this job opportunity. Had to call him and tell him to get with one of his friends to see if they will go in my stead.

I mentioned earlier that I was looking at a new career track over banking. That may change, too. I put my application in with the Houston Police Department, hoping to enter into the November academy class. I'll keep the application current with them in case something happens, but for all intents and purposes, I'm gonna stick with banking.

I should know more next week. I'll keep you posted.


Ambulance Driver said...

Glad things are looking up, Shooter!

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