Tidings of Joy

And Peace be with you this Christmas season!

Merry Christmas, or whatever holiday you celebrate at this time of year. I hope everyone is having a wonderful time with friends and family. That, and I hope you did get what you wished for.

A couple of you may remember that I have some news to share today. It kinda leaked out to a couple of others, and if you paid attention, you already know.

Among all the cool techno toys and paisley neckties was an envelope for my parents. Inside, it contained the picture of their first grandchild. Right now, the little belly bouncer is only ten weeks along, but doing very well. It was an amazing sight to see my mother break out into tears when she realized that photo was her grandchild. One of the proudest moments in my life to date.

We kept this pregnancy a secret for the last two months because of some difficulty along the way. You may remember a couple of post back about six months ago where I was pretty blah, couldn't say much, and just asked for prayers and thoughts. Swede and I went through two earlier pregnancies that did not take. We tried so hard, and wanted so much, but it was not meant to be at the time. Now, we are blessed that our family is involved and sharing in our wonderous news. This coincides with Swede's brother and his wife expecting their first child due in June. That little Swedish Sparkle's American cousin will join him/her sometime in July.

We've had a rough road to date, and ask again for your continued well wishes and prayers. Swede and I are scared, as first time parents should be. We are now inundated with advice from our parents and some of the close friends we've shared the news with today, too. I will gladly share the details as they become available. This is such a wonderful time for our family that I cannot begin to think of keeping this from my blogging community.

Truly a Merry Christmas for all!

If I can pry the ultrasound photo from 'Grandma's' hands, I will try and scan it and post.


the pistolero said...

Congrats to you and Swede, Shooter!

AlanDP said...


I have no advice, but a warning: prepare for sleep deprivation!

Ambulance Driver said...

Congrats, Shooter!

HollyB said...

Conga Rats! Wow, what a long Strange, Wonderful trip y'all are in for.
Mine are now 27 and 25, about your and Swede's ages, I imagine. It's the hardest job you'll ever do, but you wouldn't go back and trade it for any thing or amount of money or power in the world.

Just hold them, take lots of pictures, tell Swede she glows, and take a picture of her belly next to the crib or some other piece of furniture you'll have for a long time, to give it some scale, right before you leave to go to the hospital for the birth.

Oh, yeah, and forgive yourself for not being perfect. But try anyway.