The new branch is open on Monday morning. I've got the whole range of emotions right now. Excitement, fear, worry...you name it. Hound dog sh*tting peach seeds is more apropo.

Still short one employee (yet to be hired), but we have staffing to cover that issue. Got everything necessary to start shelling out those greenbacks to customers and opening new accounts as they walk in the door.

I was glad that my supervisor called me in for a pep talk on Friday afternoon. It was a promising sign that he stands behind me and made the right choice in hiring me. Glad to know there are people on my side to help me.

This is something totally new for me. I have never had a true supervisory position in my time in broadcasting, or banking. Now, the buck stops with me. I am the one people will turn to when their check order is wrong, or when the rates are crappy, or when they don't like the way their statement was printed on the paper. I also have to deal with employees and their gripes, gossip and complaints. I am now the enemy. I am that which I used to denegrate. I am middle management.

Never expected to get this far this soon. It is something I dreamed about, but after careful reflection, realized that Frost was not where I was going to be promoted. I had to go outside of Frost to get where I am now. I don't know if this will last at my new home, but I hope it does. At least until Baby Shooter arrives.

Branch Manager is the next level in my career track. I am scared out of my mind that I will fail these people who've trained me and put their trust in me. Each day will bring about its own share of trials and tribulations. I can go forward knowing that the only easy day was yesterday. I will work hard while trying to hardly work. I will lead from the front and let my employees know that I am there for them. I will earn their respect. I will earn customer respect.

Please feel free to share any tidbits of managerial wisdom if you got them. I'm gonna hide behind a bottle of Booker's until it is time to open the doors.

Have a great weekend, and remember to be kind to your bank teller and branch manager. You never know, it may be me you're yelling at.


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Anonymous said...

Management is easy.
Take care of your people in every way you can.
Your people will take care of your customers.
That will take care of your job ,and your boss will be happy.