"Stork 25, call the ball..."

"Roger, Stork 25 has the ball."

The stork is on short final and has the runway in sight.

Swede is 1cm dilated and lost her mucus plug this evening. I know, I know...hearing about mucus plugs makes you wanna hurl. The belly biscuit is dropped and effaced, too. Doctor was amazed last week to find that he/she/it has been sitting breach for most of the pregnancy. Thankfully didn't see any complications from that.

We've been busy getting things ready. Today was the first official day of Swede's maternity leave. She had doctor's appointments and some errands to run. After that, I came home to help her pack the diaper bag, load the baby seat in the car, and make sure we had everything in order for the trip to the hospital.

Doctor has her scheduled to be induced on Wednesday. The baby is getting a bit big for her belly to handle, and the doctor wants to get it out before the size causes any undue complications. Can't say as I blame him, Swede and I want to meet this little miracle right quick.

We have names picked out, the room's ready, and we're as excited and scared as can be. Not much else to do but sit and wait.

Instead of well wishes and sage parental advice, I propose the following over the next couple of days. How about a 'blog-name' contest. Winner gets top billing on the blogroll with their own "King/Queen of the Hill" title. Rules are simple, just provide a boy name and a girl name to be used in lieu of my first born's actual nom-de-plume. I'll choose the winner as soon as I can after the birth of the child.

Don't worry, I'll also post pics of the happy Shooter Family, too.

Wish me luck....aww who am I kidding?! I just have to show up. Wish Swede all the luck. She's doing the lion's share of the work here.

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Ambulance Driver said...

Well, considering your blog name...

"Windage" = girl.

"Elevation" = boy.