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Just caught a post at Marko's blog about his favorite sandwich. He's not far off. A reuben is a mighty tasty morsel. I, on the other hand, believe there is more to life than a reuben.

The mission: Decide which three sandwiches are your personal, can't live without, food forever. A couple of conditions: One of these sandwiches has to be homemade. Hamburgers don't count (so don't even try).

Link back to me in comments if you are up to the challenge.

1. Top of the list is the Po-Boy sandwich from Antone's Deli. The original Antone's, not that cheap knock-off with store bought bread Antone's. It starts with a homemade sub roll slathered with mayo and chow-chow relish. Mozarella cheese and three different meats are stuck in the middle with a handful of crunchy dill pickle slices. I usually order two to go and a bag of chips. A great lunch.

2. Best homemade sandwich by far...PB&J. Sure, you got your baloney sandwich with Miracle Whip and Wonder Bread. There's the homemade roast beef stacked on a kaiser roll dipped in au jous. Maybe you're partial to a BLT. I will always favor the PB&J as my homemade sammy of choice. I prefer crunchy peanut butter, and strawberry jelly. Doesn't matter what kind of bread, but I will go for the white if Swede isn't looking. I'll slather everything on nice and thick, and if I'm feeling adventerous, maybe a handful of chocolate chips.

3. Muffaleta. Two places to get them from. First, the Wal-Mart by the Huey P. Long bridge in New Orleans. We stop there for ice and supplies before we hit Venice on our fishing excursions. The other is from Jason's Deli. They don't look at me twice when I order a whole one.

Great! Now I'm hungry!

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muflateta... there's a little italian place down the street that makes one so good I culd eat them every day.