LawDog Does It Again

Where he comes up with the links is beyond me. Some sooper-secret squirrel database or something.

Very interesting read that you should check out here.

I think this opened my eyes wider to some of the problems that president-elect NObama is going to face. I guess with the armchair quarterbacking and the worry about our guns and civil liberties, we forgot to look at the bigger picture. Sure, domestically, we're boned in a big way with national health care, gun control, economic bail-out and the many entitlement programs soon to be implemented. About the only foreign problems I thought Nobama would face are oil and Iraq.

Depending on how it all plays out on the world stage, we may see his haughtiness saddled with too many problems to focus direct attention on things that worry us the most. I hope that lessens the impact he'll likely have on happenings at home.

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