Birthday 3 Gun Match

Spent today at Impact Zone in Waller. A nice way to spend a post-birthday weekend. This was the monthly 3 gun match, and it was fun. Cold, but fun. A front pushed through this AM and really set the wind a' howling. I'm more windburned than anything else. Still, any day where you can shoot (and there are probably fewer of those days remaining) is a great day. Here are some photos...
This was the final stage. I just blew through the rifle portion. Hey, I was there to have fun. I wasn't worried about rank at this point. Also, my ears froze up about an hour prior. I was ready for Repka's restuarant and a nice chicken fried steak. This stage started with a six shot pistol portion. One shot on each steel pop-up would bring up the cardboard targets. Two on each to neutralize. I cleaned the first target before the second was fully up. I have to brag when I say I ROCKED that part.
Talk about your fast transition. Notice the brass flying past the Range Officer's hand. That was fast. And you'll also notice that I have full retention of both rifle and pistol. Check out that finger in register! Instructor Greg would be very proud. No photoshopping that finger. No sir!
Squared off, lean in, elbows in...yup, I'm on target. Notice the flip up BUIS sights? I was the only one today running iron. A) I'm a bit cheap to buy a decent optic, and B) I don't have the money to spend on one anyway! Still, I think shooting on iron sights only lends a bit of a challenge to the match.
Tight on the cover. Didn't have to move far to hit what I was aiming at. The wind was so bad that they had to disable the swinger/no-shoot target on this stage. I was kinda looking forward to that. Probably why I went wild and lit up the stage, not caring about time or score.
My buddy, Swoop, getting after the shotgun stage. He took my two extra slugs to complete the stage. I would have neutralized both slug targets if he didn't do that. Hey, I don't mind sharing. I did get two mags of Lake City .223 out of the deal. *neener*
I'm usually more tac'd up than this. My one and only day to really geek out and get my Tommy Tacticool on! (You know, 5.11 pants, Under Armour shirt, tactical web gear, holsters, tac boots, etc.) I figured that since it was my birthday on Wednesday, I'd go and do some "Cowboy Tactical." I had the cowboy hat and everything. The wind was blowing too hard for the hat, and I couldn't find my squishy earplugs I prefer wearing outdoors. I had the jeans and the boots on, so that will be close enough. Maybe next time.

Okay, if you're somewhat curious about equipment (and some of you may just not give a rat's pink arse!), here it is:

  • Oakley polarized sunglasses. Their cheap $90 pair. Work like a charm.
  • Cheap, mil-surp store shemagh scarf. I've got a dozen of these lying around the house. Greatest thing ever for keeping your neck warm.
  • Crye Precision vest. Lots of pockets, and lots of room. A big pocket on back for a water reservoir, interior chest pockets, MOLLE webbing, etc.
  • Mechanix work gloves. Actually kept my hands warm considering it was colder than a well digger's ass and the wind was blowing steady at 20mph+.
  • The AR is a Rock River from Class 3 Weapons in Houston. Finally got some rail covers on it so my hands wouldn't get chewed up. Mags are all Magpul and stuffed in some Army Surplus store pouches. Sling is a Blackhawk single point. Went back to it after too much fuss with my Blue Force Gear sling. Now, that stays on the G3.
  • Pistol is Roscoe. A Springfield Armory XD-40 Tactical model. Over 40+K rounds through it and finally replaced the trigger return spring last year. Holstered in a Comp-Tac holster with corresponding double mag holder on opposite hip.

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