Moving Forward...No Lie!

Okay, haven't received the letter, but I got an email from my recruiter at HPD. My application rejection was overturned on appeal. Now, I'm on to the next phase in the application process...polygraph. I got as far as filling out that paperwork before getting the dreaded "Bah-Bye" Letter from HPD.

The recruiter passed my file on to a supervisor for assignment to a polygraph examiner. So, in a couple of weeks I should be hooked up to the machine to see if I'm a truthful guy or not. I know I am. This shouldn't be too hard. I think the nerves of a polygraph exam come from the fact I've never taken one, and I have no idea what to expect. Various sources have told me it is a mental drain, and the examiner will do everything he/she can to trip you up. It is their job to do so.

I'm not gonna rush ahead like I did last time. Next is polygraph. When I'm through that phase, good or bad, I'll update on here.

Keep praying for me.

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Good luck!

I'm sure you'll do fine.