Waiting Game

Getting sick of the waiting game. Just had another meeting with the PD regarding my job references. All they asked was for me to explain being fired from three jobs and a bunch of other softball questions. I hope and pray that they like my answers enough to keep me in the applicant pool for the next academy. I should know more at the end of the month.

Tried out for another smaller department two weeks ago. Aced the POST test with nothing less than a 90%. The physical was a joke for me, too. Timed 1.5 mile run in 16:43 (2 minutes slower than my SEAL PT pace), :16 seconds for an agility run (Illinois Shuffle <:19 secs.), one rep bench press at 135# or 67% body weight, 15.5 inch vertical jump or better, 19 pushups, 300m sprint under 75 seconds (I finished at 60 seconds). There were 50 people in the written test, and 25 of us made it to the physical. I was stopped at the application process for the same reasons HPD is giving me grief. The drug issue is a major no-no for this PD. The recruiter told me that a) it was a Class B misdemeanor, and b) a health, safety and quality of life issue that the chief will not sign a waiver for. The job issue was a timeline thing. Last one was June 2008. So, on both parts I have to wait at least 5 years before applying with them again. I can do that.

That was a class act department. They spent more time and money making sure their officers were healthy than any in the region. They claim to have more training related injuries than OTJ injuries. Everyone from the chief on down has to pass the same physical test that I took every year. They test monthly, and everyone is invited to join, but only one counts, or they lose their job. That simple. A department that hires nutritionists and physical training specialists for their department. I think they want strong people working for them. Maybe they'll see me again in 5 years.

I've been lazy, I know. I still have 7 days of SEAL PT Bootcamp to lay out for you. I'll get to it as soon as I can. Been chasing around different departments here in town trying to get applications in. I do have a fallback set up if HPD falls through. I did apply to the local university's law enforcement academy. If HPD is a bust (and I pray it is not) I will start taking the night academy 5 days a week for nine months. That will get my TCLEOSE certification and make me a Texas Peace Officer. I'll have more clout when applying to other agencies then, and more time behind the jobs and drug issues.

October is almost here, and that means the "Warrior Support Match" is upon us. I'd appreciate more donations from the blogworld if possible. I've seen a few trickle in and I appreciate it. I also have a 'matching' sponsor lined up. He will match all donations I receive until the day of the match. Every little bit you provide will go directly to a sponsored unit in Iraq or the 'stan. None of the money raised goes to overhead costs. Everything from the prizes to the range are donated for the match. Hit the 'Donate Now' button at the sidebar if you want. Please pass this on to your friends, too.


The last cause said...

Have you looked into having that minor drug arrest expunged or sealed?

Seem to me that you have little to loose by googling the TX statutes for expungement or sealing.

good luck.

Anonymous said...

Stumbled on your blog somehow. All I can say is keep your chin up and keep applying. I don't know where you are located but here in NJ we have a regular civil service test and you can pretty much get on the list for any number of departments. I know veterans get preference.

I decided to become a cop in 1988 and started testing then. I wasn't hired til 1993. I actually had all my offers come at once and luckily wound up on my hometown department.

I also think it is much easier to get on larger departments than smaller ones where there is always someone's cousin/nephew/brother/son they are saving a spot for.

shooter said...

Cause: Never arrested for drugs. Ever. Took a pill for my back with my wife's permission. Admitted on my app to that. Just a minor hiccup I have to deal with. I've no arrest record to contend with, either.

Anon: Things are a bit different in the Lone Star State. For the most part, we have civil service, but some will make you test and others won't. Quite a few departments down here make a big issue of not hiring you if you have a relative working that department, too.