Being Broke Sucks

Just thought I should share that with you.

Barely making enough money to scrape by. I'm only able to provide a little pittance of an amount to the bills each month. Getting ready for the Academy in January has taken a huge bite outta my ass with the medical test and psych testing. On top of that, other surprise bills are piling up on me and I can barely keep up. Oh, it gets better. When Academy starts, I have to cut back hours at work so I can find time to study and train. I can already tell this will be a nine month uphill battle.

I feel as if my head is slowly slipping beneath the surface. This is going to be the worst Christmas for me and my family. I cannot even afford to get decent gifts for my wife and child. I have to ask my parents for help on that this year. I'm truly blessed to have them in my life with all the love and support they offer. That is the best blessing this Christmas that I can hope for. It just seems a bit shallower without that tangible gift to give them.

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