Garage Sale

Found some items that I have no use for anymore. Need to clean up some space in the garage and get a little scratch set aside to purchase items needed for the police academy.

I have a Canon Rebel 35mm SLR with lenses, filters and a couple other accessories (maybe some good film in there, too).

Also have for sale a PSE Thunderbolt II compound bow. Built it up myself. Shoots very well, but may need to be restrung. Only used one deer season with success and in competition for one year. Lots of extras (arrows, quiver, release, case, etc.).

I do have several Ham radios that need new homes. Several HT's and a mobile rig.
-Kenwood TH-79AD(H), MARS/CAP modified.
-Yaesu VX-1R
-Icom RC-1 receiver
-Yaesu FT8100R dual band mobile rig

I also have a Cobra President's Model CB radio.

The Ham gear will only be sold to licensed Ham operators.

I'll get photos up this weekend to let you browse. Email me with your offers or leave a message with contact information in comments. Email at kc5ril - AT - gmail - DOT - com

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