Once Again, Into the Breach

Just got a call this afternoon from another PD I applied to. I applied the same time as this last one, and come to find out the same psych doc is on contract here, too.

They want me to come in for an oral review board meeting in a couple of weeks. My stomach is a ball of nerves right now, and I don't really know what to think. On the one hand, I'm excited, but on the other, I just know I'll get axed by the psychologist again. That's my biggest worry.

I'm gonna go in there not expecting miracles, but fighting every inch of the way to show these people that I am not what it says on paper. I am more than that, and I want a chance to prove it.

Only one department saw fit to give me that chance, but the doctor nipped my opportunity in the bud. I'm sure I had a hand in it, too. I know I went in there assuming the job was a lock, and I didn't give the best impression during that last meeting. I plan to make up for that.

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