It's been a minute or two...

And I'm still waiting.

Just made a call out west. Still in a holding pattern. Seems that one of the guys out there wants to retire, but doesn't know when he's gonna do it. Just a matter of time.

In the meantime, I asked about doing a ride-along just to see how things operate. There is truth to the rumor that cops don't like people they don't know tagging along, so it may take a while to convince someone to have me ride with them. It sure as shit beats sitting on my thumbs waiting for the phone to ring.

I've been busy filling out applications and working out. Got a friend, former PT instructor, who's been helping me build up my upper body and leg strength. Getting me prepared for the mean streets and that 'fight gone bad' (when it eventually happens).

Should be about six more weeks and I'll be back to squatting and bench pressing my body weight (250#). I was there a couple months back on my own, but fell off as studies progressed in the academy. It feels better working with a partner, especially someone who knows about physical training and can help me improve.

Six more applications are out the door right now, with one on the table for Houston Police. Still debating that one. Don't really want to go to another academy for six months, but a paycheck would be nice to have.

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