Talent Portion

Just dropped off the application for the department to the Northwest. All 110 pages of it. This is the long form that requires you spill your life's history for all to read and laugh at. I think it is some of my finest handiwork to date.

I had all the requred documentation, and some extra. Managed to print neatly in all available spaces. And I gave them all the pertinent details that they asked for.

Next step is to wait by the phone for a call from the Background Investigator. I'm not taking bets that he calls before Christmas. Chances are good that I'll move forward to Background sometime after my birthday (the day before Elvis' birthday).

On the other front, my backchannel connection in the department out west of town stated the divorcee is on the short list for a department I tried for back in July 2009. He's a 19 year vet in the warrants section. When he leaves, a patrol deputy moves into his spot. Reason and logic suggest that the open patrol slot will be offered to me. I should know more sometime after next week.

I am taking bets on this one. I do hope to have a badge under my Christmas tree this year. Would be nice.

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