Mucked That One Up!

Just realized too late that I screwed up on one of my background packets. They were asking for employment history since I was 18, and I only gave 10 years worth. Damn!

Oh well. I'm pretty sure I have been disqualified from the selection process. Just have to wait and see if they open a slot sometime in the near future.

After testing last week, I got the packet for another school and just dropped it off. Had to the end of next week to complete it, but why wait. Don't know how many passed (at least three that I know of from my academy class), and don't know how many else have theirs in, too. Another week and a half wait for an investigator to call me on that one. Considering gas prices, I would enjoy the short ass commute.

I'm sure the third school is just going down the list and matching up apps to their parameters. Maybe I'll get the call or not. We'll see.

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