Two Weeks

And I'm praying for rain.

Dropped off an updated app (last one was over six months old) for the department west of town. Hopefully this will be the 'one.' The investigator seems a nice sort, and I like that. I get the sense that he'll actually do the leg work and keep me in the loop. My buddy, Walker, is gonna keep tabs on the investigation, too, and let me know if there's something amiss.

I've still got two others out there. Not holding out much hope for one of them. Filled the app out online for a campus PD job north of town, but it's a loosey-goosey department with lower standards and pay. I'd jump at the chance for some training and experience, but I wouldn't be there for too long. The other is for a campus PD in town. Been waiting forever and a day for them to even start my background investigation. Called last week to find out if the positions had been filled so I could move on to the next one and they told me the investigators were working a big case and couldn't get away to do any backgrounds. The last time I called, they were all on vacation for Spring Break.

I wouldn't mind that campus job. Good pay, training, free tuition and schooling, and the commute would be a breeze. I'd see lots of action, too. They do some real proactive work in the area.

My next choice is to apply for the Tx DPS as a state trooper. They're hiring right now and guarantee duty stations upon hire. I'd spend several months at the academy in Austin, but would be home on weekends. That is the toughest part of that decision. Time away from Windage and Swede would be a huge sacrifice, and we have to weigh that heavily in the decision to apply.

My nerves should be about shot in a couple weeks. I'll get a better sense of where this app is going by how many of my references let me know they've been called, and what was said.

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