Still Around

Still around, just haven't done shit on Blogger.

Just tested for a slot at a local college in town. Sixty candidates for 2 positions on the department. Saw quite a few older officers looking to get away from HPD. Bunch of young'uns looking for an 'easy' assignment with a fat paycheck. And I saw some turds from my first academy class that shouldn't be testing.

I'm not worried. I usually test pretty well. Just need to wait by the phone for a couple of days to see if I make the cut, or if someone else is better than me at written tests.

Been waiting for several weeks for an answer from a department west of here. Not holding breath for that one, but I like the area and know a couple of the cops there. Would be a nice place to work. In background for another college in downtown. Hope that comes up good.

We shall see.

And I've been applying like crazy to other jobs outside of law enforcement that interest me.

Prayers would help.

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