When it rains....

It sure does pour.

So, I had the interview with the chief yesterday. During the meeting, my phone rang. Found out after I left that another campus PD called for an interview. I'm a popular dude this week. Scheduled that interview for later this morning. While getting that squared away, phone beeps an incoming email. Wouldn't ya know it! Sent a background packet for a private security firm in town. These guys are top notch and only have one client (neighborhood association) in town. Talk around town is this would be an ideal security firm to work in while trying to get my foot in the door with a police agency.

I'll know more by Friday. Chief said he'll make his decision then. I left on a positive there. He said several times through the meeting that he 'liked what I brought to the table,' and a couple other buzz worthy phrases. The only negative I caught from him (and it could go either way) was towards the end when he advised if I didn't make this cut, reapply and let him know when I did that. I took it as a very strong indicator that I'm one of his top picks for this job.

Just a couple more days and I'll know if I get the offer. If it goes through (and I'm praying it does...you should pray, too!), then I will start on the 15th of January. Just in time to celebrate my birthday and maybe get in a three gun match.

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