Wonder Twin Powers...


Form of....a blimp!

I'm gonna keep getting fatter and fatter if I don't get out of this FTO phase and station soon. Geez, Louise!!

I'll say this, the barrio got some real nice eats if you know where to look, and your FTO knows the neighborhood.

You know you're eating real good when the Chinese place you stop at only has a menu in Spanish and Cantonese. The pictures on the walls were for the benefit of us white guys in the group (just point and grunt, the owner knows what you want!).

And I've discovered a new way to shop. Screw eBay! I'm going to the pawn shop. Can you say Sako .270 with Leupold scope in very good condition? Only 5 bills you say?! Extra cash discount, too!!! Unbelievable. Where can I find these deals? Just about any pawn shop in the barrio.

I'm finding the badge and uniform are great shields to have when I get out of my comfort zone. Kinda like a security blanket. I'm gonna have to work harder at just getting out there and doing more on my own. It is nice, however, to 'test the waters' so to speak and be a part of a community I never cared to experience until now.

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