I'll Sleep...

When I'm damned good and ready!



4th of July Night Shift (12 hours)

Gotta love me some overtime.  Especially when it falls on a holiday, and my day off, and I'm called in to work five hours after getting off said holiday OT shift. 

Yeah, sleep is for suckers.

I did manage five solid hours rack time.  Woke up just after noon.  Felt pretty good, too.  Even felt strong last night around Bar-30.  That time from 0230-0430 is a hard one for any soul on the night shift.  The plan is to hole up during this time.  That way we avoid drunks and potential problems we are not staffed to handle.  Only 5 people on shift covering 600 square miles of territory and numerous campuses.  Yeah, we don't get into much sh** off campus. 

I was working Southwest Patrol.  Headed over to the main campus in the area only to find a maintenance alarm was going off next to the office.  While not loud, it was annoying.  Annoying enough that I gave up the air conditioned comfort of that building to hide out in the other police office next door, with only a small box fan to cool me and the cockroaches. 

About the time I was contemplating my navel through my eyelids, I decided to do a graveyard shift WOD.  If anyone ever plays back the video from the security cameras, there'll be a lot of WTF's floating around.

4 rounds
20 air squats
20 lunges
20 push ups

It got the blood flowing and kept me from venturing out to the local Whataburger for a caffeine fix.

Speaking of which.  I could've reached through the drive-thru window (hey! back off, it was my cheat day) and throttled that spatula jockey.  Place my order, roll up to the window and wait.  He gets my order up and hands it through the window.  Looks around for his manager and says, "Here, on the house."  Well, that's fantastic.  I always love free food.  But I'm a cop in uniform.  I pay my way, and don't take any form of gratuity without making effort to offer compensation.  I'm sorry, taking advantage cuz I'm in the uniform is not how I roll.  Besides, there are rules in place regarding officers taking gratuities from the public (yeah, yeah, I know there are 'unwritten rules' about cops getting free food wherever you go.  I don't roll that way, so stow it!).

Said burger-wrangler keeps flapping his gums at me as I try to hand over my exact change.  Yes, exact change.  I used to eat at Whataburger so often, I know to the penny what a Whata-sized A-1 Thick n' Hearty meal with Diet Coke costs.  He quips, "No charge.  Some day, you might pull me over and we can call it even!"  Thoughts of ASP baton therapy clouded my head right there.  I rolled my eyes at him.  He tries to pass it off as a joke, but the words were spoken.  Can't call backsies. 

I put my money in the window and told him I didn't appreciate the comment.  He still tried to wave me off.  I told him point blank that I am a paying customer like anyone else.  I don't mind the discount from time to time.  That's their store policy.  Anytime I get comped, I will offer to pay.  If you don't accept, then take my money and put it towards the next person's order.  That simple.  The only other time that happened was at a restaurant where my partner and I had to make an arrest.  Manager comped the meal.  We offered to pay.  Instead, the waitress got a nice tip for the cost of the meal and 15% extra.  It was only fair. 

Some people just don't get it.

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