Minutemen in Retreat?

I don't think so. But the MSM seems to believe that the Minuteman Project is a complete bust. They are reporting in today's Houston Chronicle that Jim Gilchrist is "bored to death" and there is "nothing to do here." Way to go, Jim. Just give the press some more ammunition to use against you.

There is yet to be a positive story regarding the Minutemen. Media outlets are jumping all over the group when there is negative publicity to report. Yet to be seen are the official numbers of illegals who are reported by the Minutemen. The Border Patrol is reluctant to give out those details. Yet another fine institution that wants to see the people fail.

I am all for the success of this project. And if it goes well, I hope to see some form of it implemented in Texas, too. Lord knows we need some better monitoring of our border. I haven't had the opportunity to ask any of the local Border Patrol agents near our deer camp about this. I would like to think that they would be thankful for the assistance. Much like a cop who gets a call about a drunk driver on the road. Hunters in South Texas do hate to have their hunt ruined by illegals crossing the senderos and raiding their trailers. My camp is not immune to this invasion either.

There have only been a couple of reports about possible harm coming to the illegals that cross the borders, but nothing that has been substantiated. I only saw a brief blurb about the ACLU actually aiding illegals around the observation points. More coverage was given to the college chump who took his picture with one immigrant. I really hope the legislature is watching this happen. They need to know that this is not going away. There are enough people who are fed up with the callous disregard for our nation's security.

It is my wish to see more people stand and take the fight to the government. Make them realize the mistake they are making by not addressing the problem. Don't worry about what Mexico thinks. Of course they object to the citizen's actions. It defeats all they have done to promote illegal immigration. It also takes the burden off of the Mexican people to support their indigent and unemployed.

What bad can come of closing our borders to illegal immigrants? Aren't we still the Land of Opportunity? Will people still be able to come to our shores and seek their future? Yes. They will have the legal and right way to contribute to this great country, much like my wife did ten years ago. Fortifying our borders will help stem the tide of illegals who usurp our taxpayer dollars and government assistance programs. You will see a reduction of problems associated with free medical care, too.

The government has people worried that the next great attack will come from the skies. What they don't realize is that the terrorists and criminals will not just hop off the next Delta that lands at La Guardia. They will do what they can to literally fly under the radar and carry out their subversive deeds.


Just caught this off of Head's Bunker. This is what happens when I go off on a tear and don't check around for any supporting documentation. It seems the Arizona Sector Border Patrol Union has made it know they support the Minuteman Project. The rank and file have had no problems with the group of volunteers, but they have had issues with the ACLU (Arrogant Conniving Liberal Union) tripping sensors and aiding and abetting the "coyotes" and illegals that have been crossing along the 23 mile section of border where the Minutemen are working.

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