Two Steps Forward...

And so the dance continues. Now, we are seeing some wierd vacillations from our fearless leaders. Just when I thought AHHHnold would take a stand towards securing our borders, he comes back and says, "Oops, I didn't mean it." What does that man have to be sorry for? I can only hope he takes some action to secure the borders and maybe set a trend among the sothern border states.

The real jewel is this article I read in the Houston Chronicle. Apparently, Sen. Allard (R) Colo. is taking notice of the problem and offering up a viable solution. Why not deputize the Minutemen? Observe and report. This is a great idea that would provide the much needed eyes and ears that the U.S. Border Patrol needs to monitor illegals as they cross into our country. This gee-whiz techno garbage is good for certain tasks, but nothing beats the Mark One Mod Zero eyeball for the much needed HUMINT. Kudos to Sen. Allard for stepping up and addressing our concerns.

I couldn't comment on this yesterday because I was tied up. I do want to say that there is something wrong with the way the MSM and Federalistas are portraying these so-called militias to the people. I am surprised and highly disturbed that more patriots are not coming out of the woodwork to defend their lifestyle. I can understand their silence, too. I wouldn't want to paint a target on my back just cuz some liberal hacks think what I do and believe in is considered right-wing extremist hate mongering.
After a spike in interest after the April 19, 1995, bombing, militias fell into decline, according to those who monitor such groups.
Today, anti-immigration vigilantes on the U.S.-Mexico border, environmental extremists, skinheads and neo-Nazis pose a greater threat of violence, former FBI officials and watchdog groups say.
Since the mid-1990s, more than four-fifths of the so-called patriot groups have disbanded, according to the Alabama-based Southern Poverty Law Center. Those remaining bear little resemblance to the high-profile militants who inspired Timothy McVeigh to blow up a Ryder truck packed with racing fuel and farm fertilizer next to the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City, killing 149 adults and 19 children.
Wow, nice to know you guys got your priorities straight. I can sleep safer now. Of course, some people deserve the scrutiny, but whatever happened to live and let live? Oh, wait a minute, that went out the window with Waco. Nevermind.
When I think of militias and patriot groups, I think of organized groups like the Michigan Militia and Republic of Texas group from the late 90's. I also think of many groups who live a quiet life becoming better prepared for a major catastrophe, fall of society, cataclysm of unbelievable proportions, giant earthworms from the sky, whatever. They are, unfortunately, lumped together with the wackos, extremists, conspiracy nuts, and militant creeps that brand themselves as militias and patriots for their own nefarious purposes. I get the impression that the federal government frowns upon the fact that these people are exercising their basic rights.
Reading this article upsets me. What is the problem with peacable assembly? Don't you think that we should have the right to gather and gripe about our government? What about planning for that day that may never come? I think it is just wrong to lump all these different people in one group.
I Googled the definition of militia and came up with several explanations. I like this one the best: A militia is a group of citizens organized to provide paramilitary service. The word can have four slightly different meanings:* An official reserve army, composed of non-professional soldiers* The national police forces in the Russia, and other CIS countries, and the Soviet Union: Militsiya* The entire able-bodied population of a state, which can be called to arms against an invading enemy* A private, non-government force, not necessarily directly supported or sanctioned by the government .
Of course, since Oklahoma City, Waco and 9/11, the term militia is too gauche to be a popular word. Now, you hear the talking heads refer to 'civilian contractors.' In this day and age, it is no wonder that people have found a way to capitalize on a person's basic civic duty. "Organized to provide paramilitary service" is what a militia does. The federalistas want to shield us from that term and this definition. So what? Look around. There are militias wherever you turn. A group of people organize to provide disaster relief during a hurricane (Red Cross). Amateur Radio Operators in Texas gather to provide communications and logistical support to one of the largest charity bicycle rides in the nation. A group of volunteers gather to help build a home for an indigent family (Habitat for Humanity). All of these people are able-bodied individuals capable of providing basic paramilitary (health and welfare, disaster relief, communications, civil affairs) services. If that is the case, then I am a proud member of a couple of militia groups.
Guv'mint has become such an intolerable beast that we can no longer control. It is now the State that we have read about and fear. They are an entity in and of themselves. We, as the free citizens of these United States, are no longer able to make our voice heard through our elected representatives. They have distanced themselves from the public and only pay lip service. To see the people stand up to them in some form of organized revolt (demonstration, civil disobedience, petition drive, bake sale, et. al.) is a threat to their power base. Squash the 'insurrection' and they retain power. We have proven time and again (Klamath Falls, Boston Tea Party) that the People can stand against the State and win.
Organized or not, the State feeds the sheeple a load of bull**** that militias are dangerous. They lump all groups from every end of the spectrum under this umbrella of mistrust that the honest and law-abiding can no longer function. We are not all hate mongering, anti-gov't, conspiracy theorist who think Oswald didn't act alone from the grassy knoll when McVeigh became a patsy for the USG. Most of us are honest and decent folks who just want our rights restored and to be allowed to gather as a group to voice our fears and concerns. We are not out to burn tax offices and shoot up courthouses, but we will meet force with force. We will only take action that is right and proper.
I have said it before: We are free men. We will not be subjugated. We have the guns to prove it.

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