Say Goodbye to the Memories

My wife neglected to tell me my American Rifleman Magazine came in this week before departing for Sweden. Lucky me, I was bored enough to rummage through the bills that were stacking up on the table last night.

I was saddened to see that Xavier University, in its infinite wisdom, is cancelling the rifle program after this season. It is a blow to collegiate rifle programs across the nation to see Xavier's team fall by the wayside. The article stated that administrators felt it was in the school's best interest to cancel because of problems concerning the cost of upgrading the range facilities, lack of interest, and the fact that it is not a truly competitive sport to promote at their institution.


When I was shooting for Marquette University, the Walsh was the biggest competition for us. I was always awed by the facilities they have. To say that the school does not have the money or the inclination to continue sponsoring the team is ridiculous. Many Olympic hopefuls and collegiate champions have shot there. Many more will never know the chance. It is stupid to take that away from these kids. Hopefully, the NRA and shooting alum will step up and at the very least sponsor a club team.

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