We got some new people here today!

Just thought I would take a moment whilst I am updating the trusty blog to mention a few peeps!

Take a peek at the sidebar for the newest additions to my world. Thought it would be nice to mention that I am now linked on a couple of other sites. Thanks to Hell In A Handbasket for the most recent link. A very talented writer with a good head about his shoulders indeed, no matter what anyone else says about you! Also, my first link from Triggerfinger. I have found some good insight there, and the other blogs listed there are true gems in their own right. Keep up the good work everyone!

The newest thing is the "Shameless Plugs" section. I plan on putting up different sites for vendors I recommend and products that I truly swear by. Take some time to peruse their wares. I am sure you may find something you like.

I am working on a "Porn" section, too. Don't worry, it will be work and offspring safe. Mostly just links to gun and bicycle pics. Two of the best types of porn out there, next to "Girls Gone Wild" and nude photos of Alyssa Milano! Speaking of...does anyone have nude photos of Alyssa Milano?

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