Get your pen and paper ready

I feel like writing a letter to my senator and expressing my feelings about the new Senate Bill 1226 which revamps the powers of the USA PATRIOT ACT. Now, while I like the PATRIOT Act for the power it gives me in my job as a banker, I do not like the fact that this 'new and improved' bill will usurp the judiciary of the control it needs to keep law enforcement agents in check. We are coming into a new age where anyone with cause can dig through your personal information through bills of sale, credit history, gov't forms (i.e. 4473) and use it against you without so much as a "by your leave, sir!" from the courts.

If S.1226 is passed, we are looking at Gestapo tactics and Nazi era fear all over again.

Get the word out that you don't want to see this bill passed in the Senate. At the very least, our representatives should look at erasing this language and start over with the Patriot Act. Let's shift focus to catching the terrorists instead of rounding up the innocents.

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