How Can I Say This?

Question: What is the easiest way to breach the subject of concealed carry with your signifigant other?

Answer: Damned if I know.


AlanDP said...

I assume you're not already married to this "significant other." My conversation with my wife on this topic went like this:
Me: I want to get a concealed handgun license.
Wife: Okay.

At the time, my worry was not about the philosophy of the license, but the cost (plus the cost of getting a suitable pistol).

I would just come right out with it, but then I don't beat around the bush much.

Anonymous said...

My Wife observed back when we were dating that I wouldn't give up my guns even for her. She decided that the safe thing to do was to learn how to use the things herself. Turns out she likes guns and is better with a .45 than I am. We took the CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon) course/test/etc. together and frequently both carry Colt Combat Commanders.

As to the story, "Barb" should go out with John again. He's proven he can and will protect her. Who knows, she might well decide to get a CCW permit herself.