Just In Case...

...You were wondering, I am light on blogging the Tac Tuesday Recap. For the two or three of you that read this blog, I apologize, but there is really not much to post. The last couple of classes were all recaps of the stuff I have been working on and reporting.

The class we had three weeks ago was very worthwhile. That was the "New Shooter Orientation" Tac Tuesday class. My wife and one of my best friends thoroughly enjoyed the class, although my friend did flake out and stop shooting after about ten rounds. Can't say as I blame her, it is pretty overwhelming with five people on the line shooting all at once. Next time, I promised to get her some private instruction.

That class also had an hour and a half discussion on preparation v. paranoia and the whole mindset of concealed carry. I liked all it had to offer, and even though my wife and I still disagree on how often I carry, she did take away some very good information.

We also had a shotgun class and one pistol class that focused on accuracy. I am very proud of the fact that last Tuesday's class was my fastest and most accurate. Got some kudos from Instructor Greg and the others. The class overall is growing in size and popularity. We have introduced more concealed carry people to the class and also quite a few new shooters.

Next week, we plan on doing something completely different. Through no fault of my own, I recommended we work on retention drills. Something I read on one of the gun forums got me thinking about close quarters fighting and weapon retention. I promise to give you my 'timely?' report on that class.

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